Everyone who start his own business wants to succeed. Most important prerequisites to succeed are:

  • To start with profitable business idea, which is based on one's own strengths and competences
  • Also look at further to the future to see possibilities and threats  
  • To develop your business and own skills
  • Learn to co-operate in utilize the knowledge around you

A good start to your own business is more than half of the victory. Therefore it's worth to invest some time to plan it.

RefuCo is an auxiliary business name for Spin off Mill Ky. We are developing an operating model which helps you to increase the possibilities to success when starting your own business. refuco is combinating recources in new way 

RefuCo's operating model is based on the global trends which are already affecting all of us right now and also in coming years:

  • Population in Finland and in Europe is getting older. We will face with a lack of skilled employees in the near future
  • The way how jobs are performed is altering. More responsibility of one's own work is required reminding the ways how entrepreneurs work.
  • While our population is getting old, more new services are needed, better efficiently performed than ever before.
  • Digitization enables new sharing platforms for the economy, tailored apps, IOT, AI ect. That calls for new and more effective operation models possible
  • Even tiniest companies in domestic markets will face global competition as the international brands expand their market segments
  • More services are provided by private sector. When placing orders, public player needs to be more effective to taxpayers money.

RefuCo's solution is connected with skilled and hard working entrepreneurship. We will tell more as soon as we proceed with projects.

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